The demand for high efficiency motors is increasing every year due to the new efficiency regulation enforced by many governments around the world in an attempt to reduce carbon emissions, as well as the atmospheric and energy crisis we face nowadays. it is well known that low power electric motors represent a big slice of the gross energy consumption of these countries. 


In cases of developing countries like India and Brazil, for example, the efficiency rise of these fractional motors is even more essential because of the scarcity of energy available for distribution.



Unstable power lines are even more affected by these motors, which not rarely lead to repeating blackouts or energy transmission limitation that keep industries from their full production and development capacity. 



Until the 80’s, fractional single-phase induction motors and brushed AC motors were practically the only ones used to power home appliances like fans, mixers, vacuum cleaners, domestic pumps, electric power tools etc., and their efficiencies are quickly becoming unacceptable in today’s terms.



The advancements of many tools especially power electronics, solid state technology and software design gave rise to powerful and very efficient electric motor drives which are getting cheaper and cheaper every year and serve to drive brushless DC motors. 



In 2015, Metropolitan have conducted effective coordination and cooperation with KEPPE MOTOR and developed an more energy efficient motor. The Keppe Motor uses the principle of Electromechanical resonance to achieve maximum efficiency.



In oscillatory systems, the state of resonance is achieved when the minimum energy input causes maximum efficiency. Similarly to a resonant pendulum that swings back and forth in maximum amplitude due to a ideal periodic impulse, the Keppe Motor reaches maximum output for a determined electric energy impulse.



The outcome of this principle includes electromechanical resonance expressed by a combination of factors that involve inertia, EMF, back-EMF and feedback energy as active inputs to the efficiency of electric motors.



Advantages of the KEPPE MOTOR:

  • Single-phase RC motors at competitive costs with higher efficiencies than equivalent BLDC and PMSM motors.
  • Introduces a new line of single-phase coreless stators and ceramic magnets up to 1 CV with efficiency above 90% for single-phase AC grid supply.
  • Increasing Turbo effect with higher speeds.
  • No cogging for coreless configurations: perfectly silent single and three-phase motors.
  • Very simple to manufacture.
  • Less heat produced.
  •  Less noise for iron core configurations than similar BLDCs.
  • Single-phase BLRC motors more efficient than similar three-phase BLDCs and PMSMs.
  • Room for development of three-phase Resonant Current microcontrollers embarking FOC algorithms to account for the EMTS feature applied in 3-phase BLRCs aiming at efficiency and performance improvement.
  • Worldwide patent application with certificate already granted in the United State, Russia, China, Hong Kong, Canada and Mexico.

Metropolitan and Keppe Motor are the finalists of the 2015-2016 Global Leap Awards.


The Global LEAP Awards is an international competition to identify and promote the world’s best off-grid appliances.

The 2015-2016 round of competitions will identify super-efficient, high quality off-grid fans.


All Global LEAP Awards nominations are tested according to internationally-accepted laboratory test methodologies to confirm their energy performance, durability, and reliability, and are also evaluated by a panel of off-grid market experts. Winners will be identified through a combination of expert evaluation and energy and cost based quantitative assessments.


Previous Global LEAP Awards Winners and Finalists have experienced sales and investment opportunities. 


Global LEAP Award Winners and Finalists benefit in the following ways:

  • Recognition at the 7th Clean Energy Ministerial in June 2016, a major global meeting of energy ministers
  • Use of the Global LEAP Awards brand to differentiate your products to investors, development organisations, institutional customers, and others.
  • Significant exposure through a multi-faceted publicity and business-to- business marketing campaign,
  • Participation in a new Global LEAP program incentivising large-scale procurement and distribution of Winner and Finalist products in  key off-grid markets.

🌟 Honorable Announcement🌟 


Metropolitan Electrical Appliance is awarded as the Winner in the 2016 Global LEAP Awards, Off-Grid Fan Competition under ceiling fan category. Global LEAP is an initiative if the Clean Energy Ministerial, led by the US Dept., of Energy and supported by dozens of leading international partners.

Our fans have been identified as the most energy-efficient, affordable, highest quality fans for off-grid use.

It is our mission to get sustainable development of more ECO and quality-assured fans and appliances in coming future.

Once again, thank you for your grea support all the time and it is our honor to commence collaboration with you in the coming future.


Metropolitan Group

Metropolitan Electrical Appliance

June 6,2016

🌟 Honorable Announcement🌟 


We have obtained 3 electric fan awards— ”Winner Prize” from Global Leap International competition 2016-2017. Our other 5 fan items are the finalist. it is the second year for us to get the Prize. The first year we got 1 winner prize and this year we have got 3 winner prizes. Global LEAP Association—it is an International Organisation, members are from USA, Japan, Mexico, Brazil, Italy, France, Germany & China etc… more than 20 countries. We have 3 fans won the WINNER prize -MEB-10-FD 10” fan – suitable for indoor and outdoor use -MEUC16S 16″ DC stand fan, a solar integrated product -ME-701 56″ DC ceiling fan, a solar integrated product   Fan are the Finalists in the Global LEAP Award competition: -MEU12DCT 12” DC table fan -ME-203-42IN 42″ DC ceiling fan -ME-203-48IN 48″ DC ceiling fan -ME6606-VP 6″ USB fan ※  All Global LEAP Awards Winners and Finalists have been tested in accredited laboratories for their energy performance, quality and reliability, and have been evaluated by a panel of off-grid market experts. The products recognised by the Global LEAP Awards offer a strong balance of price, energy efficiency, performance and reliability.

🌟 Awards list (中文版)🌟 


🌟 Awards list (英文版)🌟 

The HKEIA awards are divided into three categories:

  • Consumer Electronics
  • Industrial Electronics (Parts & Components)
  • Portable

    With the esteemed judging panel in place using their experience to assess design, innovation, quality, environmental impact, marketability, usefulness of functions and packaging for each entry, the participants needed to ensure that their products covered the full range of criteria. Also taken into consideration were price, market share and contribution to society wher appropriate.


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